Book Recommendations

Here are some of my recommended reads for co-parenting, divorce transitions, teen girls, and life skills(adulting) for young adults.

Lotus Therapies|Cumming, GA|Co-Parenting|Parenting Classes


These books will help parents create a plan for coparenting that will help them and their child.

Lotus Therapies|Cumming, GA|Kids of Divorce|Teens|Support Groups

Divorce transition for kids & TEENS

Need help addressing divorce with your kids? These books will give you a launching pad to have those difficult conversations with your kid or teen.

Lotus Therapies|Cumming, GA|Parenting|Divorce Recovery|Individual Counseling


Divorce is a tough transition that requires tough love and rebuilding. Use these tools to start loving on yourself and find ground-zero to rebuilding.

Lotus Therapies|Cumming, GA|Adulting|Life Skills|Teens

Adulting for Young Adults

Get your teen or your adult started out on the good foot. These books will empower them to search for their authentic self and maybe change a tire or two.

Lotus Therapies|Cumming, GA|Marriage Counseling|Couples Therapy|Relationship Coaching|Premarital Counseling

Marriage & premarital is in the air. These books will help you get to know your partner with various activities and give tips on how to better communicate.

Lotus Therapies|Cumming, GA|Online Counseling|Individual Counseling|Women Support Group


Men and women need a subtle push sometimes to figure out what is blocking growth. These reads shed light on mental and physical blocks that could be hindering you from reaching your full potential.

Lotus Therapies|Cumming, GA|Teen Groups| Group Therapy


Empower your teen to express herself and figure out how to thrive and survive the wonder years.



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