Courageous Connections Teen Girl Therapy Group



The Courageous Connections Teen Girls Therapy Group provides a supportive environment for girls to navigate the transition of their parents' divorce, the challenges of adolescence, and celebrate their unique identity. Girls will learn how to boost self-confidence, strengthen interpersonal relationships, develop empathy and connectedness, and cope more effectively with daily stressors. The group is led by an experienced group therapist, Latisha Taylor Ellis. The therapy group uses a mixture of experiential exercises and group discussion to help girls foster a healthy identity and positive relationships with others while learning how to cope with life transitions.

This group is for your teen if you want them to:

  • learn and share their fears and other emotions as they deal with our parents separation or divorce
  • support and empower other girls in the group while getting the support and empowerment they need
  • discuss other challenges that they are having in their life that is causing worry, stress, anxiety, or anger
  • learn how to communicate their needs and wants
  • learn positive coping skills 
  • Increase ability to navigate the many changes that are occurring and increase ability to express emotions

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